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This blog is dripping with charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent... are you gagging? Click Here for a full list of every queen to grace the runway.

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The queens apologize for stealing Sharon’s crown. #RuDunnit


The Twitter, QUEENS! Which girl has the most Twitter fans, and which queen is falling off the charts? Always keep up on your favorite queens!

  1. RuPaul (@RuPaul)
  2. Sharon Needles (@SHARON_NEEDLES)
  3. Jujubee (@JujuBoston)
  4. Manila Luzon (@ManilaLuzon)
  5. Pandora Boxx (@ThePandoraBoxx)
  6. Willam Belli (@WillamBelli)
  7. Raja (@SutanAmrull)
  8. Shangela (@itsSHANGELA)
  9. Latrice Royale (@LatriceRoyale)